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Sometimes when wounds are so deep and so deeply buried we can’t actually see them until our teachers, life mirrors reinact the scenario for us to truly “see.”

Yesterday I did a video on standing in my power and boundaries, it was like going backwards through the steps to see what on earth was going on. After it still falling on deaf ears I was getting seriously frustrated and feeling separation although I wasn’t getting lost in it like the beginning of April when this came up then.

I affirmed to myself, I’m here I’m not going to lose myself. Whilst opening my heart, falling deeper into self love and knowing regardless of what was occurring, we are all equal.

Asking the question what am I being shown, what’s the higher perspective.

All along I’d been wondering if it’s my mirror and couldn’t seem to feel what I was being shown because I was looking at it from a totally different angle.

In reality, I hadn’t forgiven myself for shutting down and going into a constant freeze state from when I was in a relationship where no wouldn’t be taken as an answer. Thus attracting in situations where I wasn’t being heard, seen and was being constantly bombarded with unwanted advances, (mirrored experience).

I was being shown that my past was causing separation within myself therefore without.

Buried trauma isn’t always very accessible, it takes a lot of courage, patience and triggering to see and delve into those dark hidden parts, to find the terror ridden child, adult etc. So it’s not so much about new patterns or a new way of being or that we are going backwards, it’s more the light flooding the darkness to reveal that which we’ve repressed, numbed and denied within self.

To hold, forgive and be with ourselves once again, just as we were before, yet with a little more light, insight and wisdom. Patience, kindness and compassion for self. There is no rush.

Submerging into deeper self love, deeper forgiveness and acceptance.
Knowing all of our answers, healing, codes and light lie deep within ourselves.

Always a lesson 🙏❤ Blessings in disguise.

Much love.

Bec Hart.

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