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Triggers are blessings.
Yet they feel so raw.
To sit in the dark
In the depth.
Takes strength.
You are strong.

To allow emotions to be felt.
No probing.
No loss of self.
No judgement.
All pain exposed.
To sit with yourself.
You are strong.

To allow the raw, aching heart to break.
To speak, for it does speak.
It yearns to be heard.
It beats strong.
There’s still life.
To openly listen.
You are strong.

You may feel sick.
You may vomit.
The pain may seem unbearable.
Yet it is so alive.
Not bypassed.
Nor projected.
No blame.
You are strong.

In deep vulnerability.
These times of great healing.
You may feel lonely.
You may yearn love.
You may wish to abscond.
Seek another or a fix.
Your love is all that’s needed.
Learn to love, to listen.
Sink deeper.
You are strong.

In raw aching pain.
You may feel there’s fault within.
You are perfect.
There is no blame.
Sink deeper into love.
Non judgement.
Embrace the pain.
This time you shan’t punish yourself.
Breathing with power.
You are strong.

For in this fragility.
Is true strength.
You didn’t leave yourself this time.
Presence in the lostness.
You sank deeper.
You learnt to love the darkness.
Your wholeness.
Shadow and light intertwined.
Welcome home.

Bec Hart.

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