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The energy vampire lies within.

The one that’s hidden, the wounds that get triggered when someone dares to challenge your version of truth.

The wounds from the past not the now, these are merely sensations, your inner child wanting to be heard, seen, understand and loved.

Know if this is playing out as you’ll go into survival mode when you don’t like what’s appearing; fight, flight, freeze.

You can’t maintain a conversation, for then you’ll have to admit there’s still pain within and that’s scary or is it?

People are seen as victims or perpetrators rather than two people that are discovering unhealed hidden wound neither victim nor perpetrator.

There’s a need to seek validation from others or to project.

Just because our inner children feel helpless it doesn’t mean to say we are.

In a situation where two people are triggered, breathe, allow yourself to feel what you are feeling, non judgement. Allow yourself to feel into what you are feeling, own it.

Remembering it’s not a competition and you are not responsible for another’s pain, just yours.

Coming out of survival mode takes time, be kind to yourself and know you are where you need to be and you are more than enough.

Allowing yourself to be the love that you are, which you so desperately needed as a child.

Bec Hart.

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