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Sinking deeper yet not to drown.

Realising in all that arises;

The confusion.
The chaos.
The questions.
The raw emotions.
The lively sensations.
The bickering mind.
The disconnect.
The loneliness.
The breaking of the walls.
The raw, bleeding heartache.
The urge to seek outside self.
The need to grasp control.

Old dying habits, grasping their last breath.
An opportunity to sink even deeper into self.
To form a bond deeper than the ocean.
Body, mind and soul unite.
As one, not war.
Inner turmoil dissolves.
Melting into presence.
Sinking deeper and deeper into inner velvet.

You got it this time.
You felt it didn’t you.
Lost yet found.
Without ever leaving.
Sinker deeper into self.

A new way formed.
By you, for you.
For all.
A smile of gratitude.
A breath of life.
In that moment.
Feeling the truth of self.
You are love.

Bec Hart.

2 thoughts on “Sinking deeper yet not to drown.”

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