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A letter to my parents.

We may have been through turbulent tides, deep muddy waters, raging fires, devilish winds, brutal storms and destructive earthly faults.

You’ve seen me tortured, brutally broken, destroying myself and horrendously numb. At times you couldn’t face the torment and pain so you fled the raging fires to escape the destruction, I understand.

I see why all of this happened now, release the pain, the blame, the guilt we all did the best we could. Look at how it’s helped me become all that I am, all that we are.

At times I walked away from you, needing the space to breathe. To learn how to face my wounds, to acknowledge my shadows and face them directly through you, my mirrors.

At times as parents we can feel deep guilt, pain, anger, shame. Our pain can become our child’s and vice versa, none intentional. I feel such compassion, understanding and love, I too have felt this way with my children.

I understand when I speak my truth, it may not be the same as you saw life, our perceptions may differ but I am truly grateful that I now can speak my truth without fear, judgement and rejection.

I know you may not understand fully why I express my truth but I appreciate that you support me in doing so.

I do remember the great times we have shared and the wonderful things you have both done for me, at times placing me before your needs. I hope you know this as I don’t say it too often, I do remember, I do care and I do love you.

I hope that when you read my words, see my creations, expressions and truth you feel blissful in the awareness that you taught me; strength, to follow my heart, my path of no path, my stubborn steely determination, compassion, love, peace and equality. You taught me to become authentically me, truthful, respectful and how to have incredible relationships and connection with others.

I hope when you look into my eyes you see the truth of you.

All the tears, pain, destruction, pushing, pulling, parting, laughter, joy, parties, plans and memories, led us to this moment here.

In this moment I want you to know from my heart how grateful I am for ALL of life, my very alive life. Thank you for the gift of life, living, freedom and liberty.

I love you without condition.

Thank you for the gift of me.

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