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We never find anything if we’re always looking for it.

We never heal the void if we’re always focused upon the void.

Is there actually a void or a perceived lack due to unfullfilment of a conditioned reality/belief that’s not even your truth?

Ultimately full self acceptance of ourself and our now reality is our healing.

Rejection a concept rather than a reality, it’s basically a lack of receptivity due to non resonance in relation to vibration.

In truth you can’t even reject yourself as you can’t leave or disown yourself if you’re breathing and alive. You can however be in none resonance with yourself as you aren’t being true to yourself. Contradictory I know but I am a huge contradiction and I love it.

Division another manmade creation of opposing opinions, entitlements and beliefs based upon others perceived truths of history, currency, languages, countries, ownership, rules, religions yet not limited to – ultimately control.

Separation a complete illusion; a perceived loss of not being held or not being home – we are our home and we are always held. Feel the air, hold your body.

Our purpose where is it, what is it – I’ll hire someone. I shall save you the money, strip yourself bare and be authentically YOU. Our purpose is to be, to accept ourselves, with no need to look elsewhere or to constantly want more. You can’t find you, you’re already here – see yourself, be yourself.

Attachment leads to loss, there’s no need to attach if we accept ourself, our now, our home, our wholeness.

We are the fire, earth, air, water, stars, the world, the universe.

We are each and all.

We are the fifth element, in our purest form.

Bec Hart.

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