ascension, life, relationships, Trauma

Separation as our core wound.


What if our core wounding was seperation.
We all endure and feel seperation.

Seperation creates a mental loop one in which we cannot unravel as it’s an infinite illusion.

The unsolvable jigsaw of illusion that’s re-affirmed through action of another.

Whereas the true wound lies in seperation
from initial birth – the beginning of time as such.

The beginning of the beginning of it all
From the stars and beyond.
If there ever was a beginning as such.

Reflected in every lifetime, every living thing.

Reflected, triggered and confirmed in events via People, places, things.

So we look to an initial event in a linear fashion which cannot be remembered or found.
We feel the impact of the core wounding in our bodies thus creating a loop of what happened to us;

Trigger = I feel it – I cannot understand it – what happened.

A never ending looped illusion.
As we are never separate from anything.
All is here albeit in different form at times.
A core wounding that unites us all in separation.
Unity in seperation.
As there is no separation.
All is energy.
All is self.
There is no core wound.
Nothing leaves.
Just changes form.
As we are everything.
We are the illusion.
An illusion of non illusion.

Bec Hart.

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