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Romance, love and fallacy.


Often I am asked if I’m single, married, taken as if it’s a badge of honour to be projected to the world.

We can feel it’s a necessity in life to be with another as you’re viewed in societal normality as a failure if you aren’t.

Oh dear she/he can’t keep a partner what’s wrong with them.

Ooh they’re single they must be closed off, hard work, unavailable.

Awesome they’re single that’s means I’m in with a chance.

Aww that couple stay with each other through thick and thin, it doesn’t matter that they aren’t happy whatsoever they truly love each other, that’s what love is right?

What if we got it all wrong from the start and we were conditioned to believe in these fairytales, myths, fallacy’s.

What if karmic relationships were here to return us to the state of purity.

What if each relationship brought out the blood, guts and gore deeply ingrained in our deepest core for us to break to be rebuilt and broken again and again until we actually truly see ourselves.

What if we weren’t meant to be with the same person all of our lives as it prevents our personal evolution.

What if these relationships were merely contracts to return us to wholeness for the ultimate unity within ourselves.

To see ourselves as enough, as the love that we are.

Without a need for another to “fix” us, “validate” us or repair our broken or bruised inner child, teen or voided self that is calling out for the love, care, nurturing and acceptance that we can ultimately only give to ourselves.

What if we brought ourselves into wholeness and allowed that time and space for self.

To be happy within ourselves.

To take full authority over ones life, feelings, emotions, disowned parts. Viewing, nurturing, enjoying, accepting and loving inner and equally reflective outer world. What if?

What if we remained whole and found we had no need to seek, to run, to hide and we lay there in our glory; vulnerable, naked, satisfied and whole.

What if you were just one soul that ultimately wanted to be whole alone. One who has love for all and has no desire to be in unity with another.

What if then two whole souls came together drawn by an unexplainable force knowing that this is no romantic comedy or a walk in the park. Yet a union of pure love, to evolve, to rise together as one yet as two.

A relationship starts with self and ultimately ends with self. We are that in which we seek and that in which we are cannot ever be sought and found outside of self.

Love was never lost.

You cannot lose that in which you are.

We do not find love.

We are love.

Bec Hart.

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