ascension, life, relationships, Trauma


As a wounded child we may feel we need to be more, have more, do more. To be accepted by another.

We may also confuse money and worth as they intertwine into a huge ball of shame, blame, guilt and unworthiness in the pit of our stomach.

We may have been bought (as it seemed) for our silence, a bribe, hush money. We may have been treated via Birthdays, Christmas and for being generally good.

We are taught to be in well paid jobs we may not like as this is the ultimate paradise – so much confusion, conflict and dissolution.

This can make us feel unworthy, unseen, not enough or seen for all the wrong reasons and it is especially obvious in relationship to self, others and within our career.

It can lead to us being underpaid, undervalued, controlled, seen as an object, lack of self esteem, loss of self, a void within, dissatisfaction and the need to seek more and more without.

Please know – We are enough!

It was never about us.

Sometimes we are so wise, intelligent and tuned in that it can literally put fear into those around us.

Maybe our truths will bring crystal clarity to others and their true self will be uncovered, inevitably their mask may fall.

Maybe they may have to look at their lives and that means they would have to take ownership and that leads to change.

Change can be scary for some.

Maybe to them this was love, please know they truly tried there best.

They too have deep wounding and conditioning that suggests this is all truth, that’s all they have ever known.

When looking at either our Mother or Father wounding and these aspects it is important to realise our lifegivers tried their best.

We either choose love or fear in all our decisions/actions.

When so heavily conditioned fear comes naturally, it seems the safest option – total paradox I know.

They loved you in the only way they knew how, as we ourselves have done all our lives in many forms, many ways.

We can choose to live through forgiveness and liberation.

We can choose to offer appreciation and gratitude for our lessons and life.

In turn releasing ourselves from our past then finding that all others; mirrors, amplifiers, teachers, true gifts in life will dissolve – lesson learnt, truth embraced and uncovered.

There is no need for us to project, cling or push another away.

Going forth and visualising our inner child, holding them. Explaining you see them, you love them, you hear them and they are wise, intelligent, beautiful. Letting them know and feel that this is wealth, riches, fullness, wholeness – The ultimate paradise.

Ask them to come home so you may stand fully in your power with no need to be noticed, validated, to have material wealth as you are the only validation, wealth and sovereignty that they shall ever need. Allow their body, light, energy, love to dissolve and merge into yours like silk on skin.

Pick up your crown, claim your royalty and shine like the star that you are.


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