The bed and the birds.

One day I decided to throw caution to the wind and I asked the universe and all that is to help me manifest true happiness into my life.

Knowing and wanting to create change I decided to release what I saw as the old.

I booked a delivery for my good old faithful bed to be picked up. Knowingly not having any money to buy another but really not wanting this personal heirloom in my space anymore.

It’s been a good bed it took me through all my pain, suffering, adventure, lessons and growth. It held many colours but it was time for us to part.

As I took down the bed I felt so many mixed emotions but most prominently a true feeling of liberation. I cleared up my room and lay down a mat, quilt and pillow to sleep on whilst my bed manifested into physical form.

A day or so later my parents gifted me an airbed, it was awesome. I was so grateful and overjoyed to have something to sleep on and I truly felt so many emotions and love for this gift. It took me on a journey of connection as it supported me in different ways and it allowed me to tune into the different parts of my body, the unloved, rejected ones and once I had mastered this the airbed mysteriously deflated.

I took the time to let the bed down fully thanking it for all it had taught me and brought back my yoga mat, quilt and pillows. I placed candles, crystals and a pad around me I kept my curtains open so I could connect both with the sky and earth simultaneously.

I realised just how happy and blessed I am to have this gift, the gift of no gift being given. A new way of being, seeing, feeling. Feeling fully supported and so comfortable in my own orb of joy, I literally couldn’t be any happier. My connection to self grew and the need for anything outside of myself lessened.

From this I realised so very much, there is no lack, there is nothing to search for, freedom and liberation is in non attachment and we already are and have all we need if only we choose to breathe, see and honour life, self and colour.

I chased all in which I wanted.
True gifts I did not see.
In doing this abundantly.
I drew lessons forth to me.
I asked why I was being punished.
In all areas of my life.
I was lost and in despair.
Barely breathing to survive.
Was I not loveable?
Had I been a bad girl?
Did I deserve to be punished?
Why me again.
Why oh why – world.
I lost heart of asking.
From then on I saw truth.
I saw the beauty of each moment.
I surrendered fully to you.
In this colourful space.
The one of sacred joy.
The one of not knowing.
There’s no girl meets boy.
I realised there is no I and you.
We ARE that in which we seek.
Only in seeing truth.
Will our colours be proven chic.

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