Breaking unhealthy relationship cycles.

The importance of self-love and the destruction of unhealthy relationships.

A primary focus within my life has really been on relationships of all kinds. I’ve got to admit in the past not many of my relationships had been healthy especially the one with myself. I made it my mission to change this over the past few years by making the decision to be single, taking ownership of my life, doing a lot of deep work with my inner child and teen including integration, self-love, forgiveness and full acceptance.

What I have learnt from this thus far in brief;

We attract that in which we are to ourselves.
Until we love, nurture, forgive, support and accept ourselves unconditionally, be prepared to meet someone who will bring those parts to the surface.

We attract a mirror in all circumstances (My opinion). For example; if you treat yourself badly you’ll attract another who treats you badly too.

Take ownership! Break the cycle.

Even when we break this cycle more lessons are brought to the forefront.

Love doesn’t hurt it is the ideals we place upon a person, situation or even an illusion in my case. Non attachment to outcome without detaching, denying and/or projecting. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable, open and fully communicative. Taking full ownership of the desires you’ve placed in your very own mind and realising you are hurting because you placed those desires upon another based upon a vision, a feeling, a wish or an ideal. Further uprooting our conditioning, abandonment, unworthiness, being unseen, unheard, shame, blame, guilt, anger, rage, obsessions or any other shadows lurking deep within.

The ideals you wish for a person to have are based upon limitation, lack, dissatisfaction with self or a need to control. To love means to accept another fully as they are without wanting or needing to change a thing. I believe this can be a reality providing both people love themselves, respect themselves fully and wholeheartedly. I imagine it’s an exciting journey of depth, wisdom and not one for the faint hearted as in this space you realise that everything in your life is a manifestation of your own creation which means taking full ownership for your feelings, emotions and actions.

So I conclude if your energy is that of unconditional love, fullness, wholeness, full acceptance of self and being in your power then you shall attract that in another. If you love yourself unconditionally you will see the vibrant beauty in others.

This is a very basic overview of what I’ve discovered thus far and the proof for me is that all my close relationships are great now.

Cycle broke! ❤

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