Who am I? Who are you?

The question posed so very many times, to you, by you or at you?

A question we search oh so deeply to find. The parts rejected in doing so as we shan’t ever admit our darkness in its true light for fear of shame, blame humiliation, rejection which further dissociates us from our true self. The parts rejected in us by us that are so bright, so light, so unique for fear of being noticed, envied, scorned or glorified. So we stand stale in the normality of our masked self, conditioned self, brewing into a raged tornado of projection or a deep pit of self tortured despair.

Who am I? Who are you?

Unmask yourself dear one! There’s no need for a label, no need to hide behind lies, denial, abandonment and rejection. No need to play a blame game of victim vs perpetrator. No need to prove who you are or what you are worth. In this life we wear all facets. We may have been or are to be “The bad one or the good one” and hiding behind a mask only highlights this loss of self further.

Take off your mask, be free, be bold, be alive. Accept yourself in all your glory, merge what you perceive to be both dark and light and honour your power. Free yourself of the constraints of the societal norm, the self-imposed jail, the numbing of the soul. Choose to be, do and have all that you can be.


We were not born to be tortured, we were born to live. Free yourself, fly high!

Born to shine.

I am different.
I have never fit in.
I have never fit in the box.
I never liked the box.
If I was given a box, I would create a sphere.
I’m not black nor white.
I am however multicoloured.
I am extrovert yet introvert.
I am boring yet adventurous.
I am everything inbetween.
I am shy yet outspoken.
I am quirky yet bland.
You won’t figure me out.
I am a mystery.
I make you feel something.
I am depth.
I am unique.
I am bold.
Can you handle all of me?
As I am.
Unapologetically ME.

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