Let go! Why let go?

Thoughts of you in my mind.

Are our thoughts locked and intertwined.

Struggling to find peace herein.

I take time out, to go within.

Discovery awaits.

Let the journey begin.

Trying to make sense of something that cannot be justified, analysed and conceptualised by the mental mind. Trying to walk away yet the body says don’t run, it’s real! Looped in this sequence of the unknown, yet the soul seems to know.

Let go! Why let go? It doesn’t go!

Choose to accept, to love deeper, to fill your inner being with radiant love. Breathe, feel, taste, touch, smell, hear. In this void there is everything. In this feeling of lack there are riches beyond your wildest dreams. In this confusion and chaos there is certainty and sanity.

Feeling those feelings, sensations and reactions. The fear, blame, shame, guilt, rejection, anger, frustration and obsession and lust.

Chase, retract, chase, retract!

Holding yourself closer, tighter with more love, compassion, breath, honesty. Feeling all there is with no judgement, no ideal, just love.

In this beauty there’s no need to attach nor a need to “Let go.” In this sacred space there is peace, clarity and trust in the concealed.


No need to seek.
No need to find.
No need to run.
No need to hide.
For all you seek lies deep within.
Unlock the secrets.
Lets begin.
A simple word between two.
Lies the clarity between I and you.
For on this day I shall believe.
Our ancient words.
Shall not deceive.
A sacred path in us awaits.
Unite we shall,
To unlock the gate.

Bec Hart.

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