This beautiful experience called life.

Wow these energies of late, I could have been shaken or resorted to old patterns of behaviour the past few days as life has re-introduced some events but they’ve been dressed up a little differently. Today I journaled my life from a beautiful perspective, I hope it inspires you to feel something.

I breathe in the energy of love, wonder and joy.
Observing the miracles within and without.
Just how did I get here?
How, when physically, mentally and emotionally torn apart
have I become so whole?
When I have faced conflict, projection, persecution and brutality,
How is it that I love so very deeply?
How is it that I trust myself implicitly?
When I have been conditioned to believe that I am not enough.
Observing the miracles within and without.
The extremes of life sent to empty us, to free us, to re-route us.
For every horrendous act placed upon me has taught me
softening, releasing, letting go.
It has shown me how to develop the deepest, purest love for self
and another, that beauty I can’t even try to describe.
The pain, the shame, the blame has taught me strength, endurance,
self worth, self respect and to walk away with my held high
from anything that tries to compromise this.
If someone does not like me, I see, I feel, I know,
this is not a reflection of me but a deep pain held within themselves.
I send love, I let go and continue on my path.
For all the pain I have endured, the traumas, the self hate, destruction;
I have gained so much space that’s now filled with beautiful friends,
healthy relationships, wisdom, a love of self, passion, creativity,
health, a higher perspective, forgiveness, compassion, ownership, skills,
an abundance of beauty within, without and all around.
We can truly bless our lives by being so very grateful for all we have
in each given moment.
Whatever situation you face, no matter how difficult there is always;
Lessons, blessings, wisdom, growth and miracles.
Hold it, taste it, smell it, hear it, feel it and bathe in it’s beauty!
These moments provide breakthroughs,
these moments shed the old skin
to reveal your true nature and identity,
one that you are so in tune with.
This is your truth, this is;


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