Welcome to my blog it’s so very nice to meet you.

I like to blog about life’s tests and the things people don’t really like to talk about as I feel it’s important in self realisation, true self love and healing.

I adore art, poetry, movement, colour and sound and I love to infuse my work with these elements.

For me personally it isn’t about perfection but it is about being true to yourself especially in the testing times. Creating from a place within to explore reality, illusions, depth, the supernatural and the natural.

I hope you enjoy my blog.

I have listed services on an additional page if you’d like to work with me, co-create or offer any opportunity aligned with creating.

If you feel inclined to donate please feel free too to assist in supporting my work.

Donations welcomed and appreciated; PayPal.me/RHART777

More than anything thank you for taking time to read this.

Much love ❤ Bec.